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Welcome to the Alec Schmaier Lab

Thrombosis and vascular biology

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Our Mission

We study how blood clotting forms on the vessel wall. We focus on  vascular endothelial cells and their transition from an anticoagulant, barrier-forming state to a pro-thrombotic, leaky state following vascular inflammation. Specific areas of investigation include transmembrane phospholipid exchange, receptor tyrosine kinase signaling, and extracellular vesicle release. We use both cell-based and animal-model systems to study blood coagulation from a vessel-wall perspective. We are driven by a passion for discovery and understanding of biologic mechanisms. 

We believe in the power of scientific mentorship, and cultivate an environment that fosters intellectual and professional growth for trainees of all backgrounds and levels of training. 

The Schmaier Lab is located at

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